Wyze Watch Shortcut need to work without the App open on the phone

I would like to use the shortcuts on the Wyze Watch 47 but since you have to open the app on the phone for them to work you might as well just use the phone. what about setting push notifications from the watch to wake up the phone so the shortcuts work.

You shouldn’t have to open the app in order to use the shortcuts on the watch. I do this all the time with my Watch 47. Two disclaimers: First, you must have configured your phone to allow the app to run in the background. Second, I have found that I have to reconnect my watch to the app on a daily basis (open the app and click on Watch 47). This shouldn’t be required, but at least in my case it is.

Me too. Can’t use light bulb or sprinkler unless app open on iPhone. Is there a fix?