Wyze Watch: allow ability to customize apps

The band allows you to choose which apps you have shown on the band, we need this on the watch too. I’m sure most males are not interested in having the menstrual cycle app on their watch

If you think it’s a good item vote for it!


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Please allow us to remove and rearrange apps on watch


The menstrual cycle app has disappeared from my watch. I suspect that that’s because I identified myself as “male” to the Wyze app on my phone. (In the app, press Account in the footer bar, then choose Account from the list of options, followed by Health Data and then Body Type).

I’m sure there are also people whose Body Type is “female” who wouldn’t have any use for a menstrual cycle tracker, but it does look as if some customization of the watch happens automatically based on other information that the app knows about you. And that male users at least don’t have to have the tracker on their watch if they don’t want it.

On the subject of gender and menstrual cycles, there are men and non-binary persons who menstruate and may need to track for personal health reasons. Tying this particular app customization to gender identity is outdated and exclusionary. Persons should be able to specify app preferences beyond their gender preference.


Watch 44 has a cycle app. I have no use for it, but jt can’t be removed. We should be able to add and delete apps. Also, apps are different on 44 as compared to 47. They should be made similar.


not sure if this feature is on the production app but at least in testing, the cycle app now shows regardless of gender, but has the option to be shown or not…they need to implement this option for all apps.


I applied the watch firmware update today, but I don’t see where you hide the cycle APP. Also, within the Cycle APP, there’s a round graphic. The word “Period” is misspelled.

It’s interesting that it goes away for men. It would be nice if older women did not see it, either. Best case, let everyone choose whether they want this or other apps.

You will be glad to know that they are working on a toggle so that anyone can turn it off.

It would make sense if there was a way to choose to turn any app on the watch on or off.

That is assuming, of course, that the set of apps on the watch might grow in future. I don’t actually know how the apps work – whether they’re present in the watch’s firmware, in which case the number of possible apps might be limited, or whether they’re side-loaded from the Wyze smartphone app, in which case it might be possible to have more options in future.

I don’t know if Wyze has plans to add more apps in future, but I can think of a few things that ought to be possible and which might make the watch more useful. For example, a Stopwatch app should be fairly straightforward to implement. You could also export a to-do list or a shopping list to the watch, or display a list of news items sync’d from your phone (in much the same way that the watch currently gets weather data – I assume that’s forwarded to it from the phone). A Moon Phase app ought to be possible too.

In an ideal world, I’d want the watch to be able to count my laps for me when I’m swimming (I get distracted easily and lose count :wink: ). I know it’s waterproof, and I know it has a step-tracker, which presumably implies some kind of motion/inertia sensing capability. Is the motion-tracking flexible enough that it could tell when I change direction in the pool?

I’m sure other users have their own suggestions for apps that might make the watch more powerful and useful.

I hope in the future there’s an update to have a biking app to count miles, I think the menstrual cycle app is useless to women, in my humble opinion as a woman.

I’m confused as the latest ( 2.21.25 (June 14, 2021)) App release notes indicate " * Enabled app sorting for Wyze Watch 44mm" but I can’t seem to find any hint of that anywhere in the app or on the watch settings. Any one else figure this out?

On my Watch 47 is in the app in settings> watch app display. You rearrange the apps by dragging the three horizontal lines.

Yeah okay, nothing like that showing up for me with the Watch 44 and the latest app and firmware. Perhaps an over eager release note and it’ll be coming in the next release. If anyone with a Watch 44 can confirm if I’m crazy or not, please do.

I do not have that feature for my Watch 47 and my watch is current on updates (app says “Everything’s good, you’re updated. 0.12.43”

Might still be in beta.

Hey all,

Wyze Watch 44mm firmware 0.3.91 introduced support for app management in version 2.21 of the Wyze app! Please check out our release notes for details. We’re continuing to gather your feedback and are working hard on additional improvements for Wyze Watch. Thanks for your votes and suggestions!


ok, can I actually buy it now? also about that :canada: launch?..