Wyze Watch Alarm Work with Google Clock Integration

The one integration of “notifications” and the Wyze Watch I miss the most is when on my Android phone I am using the Google Clock function and have an alarm set, but the alarm will not trigger on the watch (vibration only, of course). I wish I had the ability, like I do with my Wear watch alternative, to see the alarm and feel it on my wrist, and be able to turn it off from the watch so I don’t have to pull out my phone to do so. My gut tells me this should not be a difficult “tech” task, and it is surprising to me that being able to notify the phone’s alarm on the watch isn’t straightforward as a notification with the vibration continuing till turned off, but perhaps there is a technicality I don’t understand. Thanks! (yes, I know I can set up an alarm on the watch, but then I have gone minutes before feeling the vibration - I would prefer hearing the phone alarm, but also feeling the watch vibration and be able to turn it off from there)

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