Wyze watch 44 notifications

My new Wyze watch 44 has only received two notifications since I set it up three days ago - one email and one text. I have set up notifications properly in my iPhone 11. Any ideas?

Others are having the same issue. I intermittently get notifications. It always disconnects from my iPhone Xs Max when I walk away from it.

I have the iPhone 11 but haven’t noticed it disconnecting. I wonder if the notification issue is an IOS problem, a 44mm watch problem or something else.

I think it’s the watch/software. My Fitbit did not disconnect. Hoping they fix this issue quickly.

On a similar topic, is anyone with the 44 model getting notifications from apps, the watch buzzes, but the display does not turn on by itself? whereas the internal ‘stretch reminder’ for example if that is enabled, will light the display automatically?

I suspect this is a firmware issue on the 0.3.65 build? - but it really should turn on the display if a notification comes in?

I don’t even get a vibration, let alone a notification.

Was there any resolution with this? My wife’s 44 is basically just a watch. Very little “smart” capabilities.