Wyze Video Doorbell v2 firmware - Released 4/8/2024

I hope so, too, even though I’ve held off on the firmware update and haven’t personally experienced this issue.

Sometimes it’s totally warranted, especially when it’s offering detailed and potentially constructive feedback. Criticism can be good if the other party uses it as an opportunity to learn and improve. That would be my hope with Wyze’s approach.

I don’t know, either. I’m also not an engineer and don’t have any insight into how Wyze addresses problems like this, but I read a lot of posts here and definitely share the frustration when it feels like your voices aren’t being heard.

Just FYI, as of today (5/13) notifications and recording suddenly started working again after about a month of not.

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Thanks for sharing this. I hope we see more of that.

This dropped on Discord a few minutes ago:

Unfortunately that is a version of software that has been in Beta since 04/25/24 and did NOT fix the problem for the majority of us with the Notification issue. Again, is Wyze listening to what’s being posted in these forums and reported to customer service along with logs? It seems not!

As I mentioned earlier, I randomly got it working even when others were struggling, but dumbly updated to the lastest from a couple of days ago as I figured it would be safe now…nope. now I’ve lost my notifications. Sigh

Update 1: after a day, it seems to be picking things up again and notifying.

Update 2: super laggy. Most of the time it won’t pick me up unless I hang out in front of it for over a minute! Ridiculous