Wyze Vacuum Spot Cleaning

How do you even get on the Beta list?

It reqs a firmware update that is not released yet. So stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Littleaton is correct. No spot cleaning just yet still waiting on the firmware update.


Information on this can be found here:

Don’t forget to join the beta group on the forums too!



Thank you!

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Can I program the path that the vacuum takes when returning to base after completing cleaning?
I have a nice big rug on hardwood in the middle of the living room, and the robot leaves perfect horizontal lines on the rug when it cleans. Looks great, kind of like a pro baseball field. The problem is the vacuum finishes cleaning on the far side of the room, then leaves a single jagged path diagonally across the rug as it returns to base.
Can I program a route to return to base, or tell the vacuum to clean from the far side of the room to the near side, so it finishes without needed to travel back over the rug?

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It would be nice to draw an area on the map that the vacuum would go clean. This would allow you to direct the vacuum to clean a small mess in a particular area without having to have the vacuum run its while routine.


Wyze Vacuum - Remote Control Mode

I just got the Wyze Vacuum after owning the Xiaomi vacuum on which it is based.

The Wyze software is generally superior all around. The ability to draw virtual walls/keep out areas is invaluable. Also, it appears to do a better job of mapping and planning the vacuuming strategy so it is more efficient.

However, there’s one feature that Xiaomi has in their software which I really miss - the ability to drive the vacuum around in remote control mode from the app. I actually put my docking station under a piece of furniture which keeps it out of the way and out of sight. With the Xiaomi vac, I could drive it out to empty the dust bin or to clean the unit. Now I have to get down on hands and knees to do this. Also, if the vac manages to get itself stuck under a piece of furniture somewhere, sometimes I could drive it out with the remote control mode.

This is a very valuable feature that I wish you guys would implement.


Bump. Need this.

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When we get to have control over the vacuum with the remote to manually clean different areas and start and stop the vacuum and send it back to base like other robot vacuums

Thank you.

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Absolutely agree and I don’t know if anyone can tag wyze developers but I want to address this point as well with not having a physical remote or remote in the app. For someone who is physically disabled and wheelchair bound and physically cannot pick up or turn off or reach down and get it unstuck from somewhere so I think that would be a great reason to add a remote control in the app.

I just got prompted to update to 1.202, and it has the spot clean feature!

Robot vacuum Schedule Spot Ckeaning

I would love to be able to schedule my vacuum to be able to just clean a portion of a room. I have an area I find myself spot cleaning every day, but I don’t want the full room cleaned.

Where is the Spot Clean feature?

Same question.

It is only available in the beta. In the beta version, there is an icon on the floor map that looks like squares for spot cleaning.

Open app

Select robot vacuum

Look for icon on right that looks like a square

Select it

Spot Cleaning

Wyze Robot Vac: App upgrade (Navigation Control)

Hello again Wyze Team,

It would be nice if the Wyze App for the Robot Vacuum had a navigator feature in it
to be able to control the direction of where you want your robot vac to go so you don’t have to wait for it to automatically go to a specific area you want cleaned at the time. This allows for navigation control.
Note: I have another Robot vac (a different brand) who’s app has this feature, and it came with a physical remote you can use to control where it goes and that has other buttons for other running modes/functions.

Been on the beta for a while now.

Hmm, any chance you can send a screenshot. I don’t see it.