Wyze Vacuum Spot Cleaning

I haven’t had many issues but it happens.

Here’s is what happened the other day, vacuum was running, daughter carrying a plate to kitchen sink dropped crumbs by the sink when she dropped the plate. Now if I want the vacuum to clean it I have wait for the current schedule to stop, or send it back home and pick the room and it has to clean the whole room. Or my dog is laying on the floor vacuum goes around her, now she gets up and I would like that one spot cleaned to match the rest of the room that was cleaned. With manual mode I could drive it to that spot just clean it and send it home. Without manual mode I have to clean the whole room again.

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I just received this vacuum a few days ago and whereas I do love the smart vacuum and room mapping I already miss having full control with an in app remote. I shouldn’t need to have to let it vacuum the entire room when all I need is a small spot picked up. I trimmed my animals nails the other day and that’s when I realized I couldn’t just control it to go pick up that little 4ft area. I still have my Eufy 30C running as well so I ultimately just ended up using that over the Wyze Vac to just run it there real quick and run it home.

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I agree completely. It would be VERY nice to have a “compass rose” built into the app to momentarily override the map-based cleaning plan. I became spoiled with my cheap, little, “dumb” iLife BotVac. Primarily because I could use the included handheld remote (see photo below) to steer the bot to locations in need of extra cleaning… or OUT of corners where it had managed to get itself stuck (as I said… “dumb”).

My Wyze Vac is still dumb enough to get itself stuck now and then. It will also, on occasion, suddenly get lost… wandering aimlessly all over the house “looking” for its charger(?). At moments like that there are NO buttons still active in the app to stop this wandering or to tell the Bot, AGAIN, to find the charging station. It would be VERY helpful to simply use the app to “point” it back to the correct room. Many Wyze BotVac folk have learned the hard way that this Bot does not always take kindly to being picked up and moved during a cleaning (always pause the cleaning first). Even then sometimes the map will reset… sometimes the Bot gets lost. Here’s an example of what can happen.

In this case the Bot went right through the (map) wall and began drawing a whole new map… flipped 90 degrees. Sometimes this will happen mid-cleaning… without being picked up. Anyone have this happen to you? Have you figured out a cause?


Speaking of “Manual Control”…
The map editor will allow you to rename rooms which will come in handy when the Alexa features are, someday, fully implemented. Until then you can easily click on “Room3” and “Room5” and the Bot will happily chug off to “Area Clean” only those rooms. But what if you you need “sequential” control when doing a whole house cleaning?

For example… if I hit the “Clean” button the Bot will head off to clean the room with the charger FIRST. It then heads off to clean the other rooms… in the order in which IT chose when it did its first mapping. It makes no difference if you later go into the Map Editor and change the name + number order of the rooms… it will still clean in the original order IT decided was best.

In my case I have a room that is VERY frequently in use by us mere humans. Having a Bot wandering about in that room can be problematic at times. I would like to be able to override the self-determined cleaning order and tell the Bot to hit THAT room first… at the time of MY choosing when I know there won’t be anyone using that room for a few minutes. No, I can’t move the charger into that room and then force a remap in order to set that room as the START room.

Has anyone come up with a solution to this Whole House “Cleaning Order” problem?

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There is a separate wishlist item for this exact ask. You can visit and vote here:


When you use a manual vacuum you do not pass it only once, you go back and forth several times. It would be nice to have an option to say how many passes per area or per scheduled cleaning. This would be nice for rugged areas.

My workaround is sending the vacuum several times, but it would be better to have the option I mentioned.


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Don’t know if the Wyze has a sensor to know when I picked something up like a Roomba, but it would be a nice upgrade if it would double back? I noticed when going over an area of spilled cat food (thanks cat), it would get most, but knock some out of the way, but never bother to go and hunt for the rest since it cleaned that area once.

Otherwise, love everything else about it. (just waiting on multi-floor support)



So, I would like to request the ability to queue up an additional area to be vacuumed after “area cleaning” has already started. A “cleaning queue”, lol.

Real world scenario, I set my vacuum on it’s way to clean the kitchen but then decide to add the hallway to my kid’s room and their rooms because they’re now awake and out of their rooms. Right now you have to wait until the current area is finished and the vacuum goes back home to charge and then send the vacuum off again.

I think it would be a great convenience to just queue it up, 1) so we can leave the house with the rooms already added and not have to worry about paying attention to our phone to see when the current room is done so we can start the additional rooms. 2) the vacuum doesn’t have to go alllllll the way back home just to go right back to where it was.

And I guess to further this option, right now when multiple rooms are selected to be cleaned on the outset, I think this “queue” feature would also be able to allow a room to be cleared from the queue and the vacuuming of it canceled.

Scenario - I’ve selected family room, playroom, dining, to be vacuumed and the vacuum is doing it’s thing… but oh my, it’s Florida and at 3:45pm it’s perfect sunny not a cloud in the sky but at 3:50pm it’s the apocalypse outside and my kids have to come inside. Having the option to drop the playroom from the “queue” would be great so we don’t have to babysit the cleaning to see when it’s done with room 1, guessing where it’s going next, canceling the clean, waiting for it to go back home, then sending it back out again.

Make sense?


I agree with you. Had been in same situation multiple times where just to add additional room, I have to stop the current run, send the bot back to charging dock and then start everything all over again. Its not a hard update at all to do. I hope to see some nice new updates in the next firmware update.


Absolutely agree. This is a no brainer and hopefully to be coming soon.


We need spot clean and manual mode would be useful as well.


I spilled some flour on the floor. There needs to be a function that works opposite to the “virtual walls” so that it will clean an area that I have chosen on the map.


Add spot cleaner option to wyze vacuumed app. When I want wyze to clean up an small area I shouldn’t start creating all sorts of walls. Just pointing a location on the map is much easier.


When someone aske me to have the vacuum clean under their desk, I’d like to be able to steer it over to that spot to clean, Either by dropping a marker or by left/right in the app.


Please add a Zone Cleanup option on the main screen that lets us drag a box (similar to No-Go Zone creation) of the area we want to be cleaned (say for impromptu cleanings or spills and such).


I’d like a more specific spot clean mode. Rooms are large, and I often have dirt and debris in the spot where I sit, rather than in a whole room. I want to be able to focus on that spot. The available features in the app are not up to this simple task.


The update I just got to the Wyze beta app says it now has spot cleaning. I don’t see where it is in the app though.


You may need to update your vacuum’s firmware if you haven’t already.

When I went into firmware it says mine is up to date. Version 1.6.113.

Sweet! It looks like we got spot cleaning added!

Beta app update notes say “Added support for spot cleaning for Wyze Robot Vacuum” .

I don’t see where it is, or how to do it… But this update note at least means it’s being worked on :grin:

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