Wyze v2 sending person detection when switching to infrared mode

I have a v2 in my garage. When my garage door light goes off (motion) from the built in garage door light my v2 gives a false person detection when going to regular mode (w light) to dark/infrared v2 mode. Why? I did submit for research from the 12 sec capture


Hi cj,

Just to clarify: your V2 detects an event when you turning light off and the V2 switches to IR mode (you have the V2 in auto night vision), right? Does it also detects an event when you are turning light back on and it goes back to non-IR mode?

I am asking because we have logic built in that when camera switching night vs non-night vision, it doesn’t consider the image change as an event. And what firmware version are you on?


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I am on firmware. It only sends an alert when going from non-ir (lit and in color) to IR mode auto b/w. I had it on person alert and all motion. I have turned it off of motion and am on just person now. It is not sending notifications now. Too bad as i wanted to make no critters were in the garage w all motion toggled to… Here is an example of Ir mode starting and motion detection when there is none. See attached I had submitted those for research also…


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