Wyze USB power adapter Caught Fire and Melted AC Prongs

Wyze USB adapter Fires have been happening for over 2 years :exclamation:

Not the first time a Wyze USB adapter has done this: USB adapter fire

Another link on Reddit Yet another Wyze USB Fire

I have 8 out of 24 wyze cams still on those dangerous USB power supplies, I guess I will soon have all 24 cameras on my own power systems.

Currently 14 of my outside cams are on this setup: Battery Backed-Up 14 V3 cams and Internet Communications

And 2 at driveway on similar setup with solar panels, solar charge controller and 100 Ah battery.

This has convinced me to get the last 8 of those cheap Wyze Fire Hazards out of my Wyze setup :exclamation:

@MILLSON.JOHN those adapters are NOT for outside, however these adapters have caught fire inside too as seen in the other posts.