Wyze + Unifi

Hi there,

I am certain this has been asked a ton of times however, here we go:

I am currently building out a home network and they are hard set on utilizing Unifi for their Gateway and WiFi APs. They are skeptical to purchase unifi cameras as they are more expensive than Wyze, however I have been asked to see if Wyze can record to Unifi’s Protect/NVR solution built into their UDM appliances.

Has anyone here had success in doing so?

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Unfortunately, you cannot record to an external device (NVR or NAS) at this time. You have to use the Cloud Service and/or put an SD Card into the cameras.


Even with RTSP firmware?

Oh, I see that RTSP is not supported any longer. Well that is unfortunate.

There are a bunch of us running RTSP firmware. I have no info on the UniFi part of the question.