Wyze to monitor my employees at jobsite

I have a construction business and need to monitor my employees at job site. Wi-Fi is not always available so I’m wondering if a mobile hotspot would be sufficient to do what I’m seeking. Ideally I’d want to record the entire day (business hours) via SD card and be able to check in on them live during the day to see how productive the project is going.
Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

A mobile hotspot should work fine. Data usage would be minimal during normal operation if you have cloud event recording off. I’ve tested using one of mine on a FreedomPop “free” hotspot and it works, though I didn’t leave it set up for an extended period.

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Hey there Rollingstoneandtile,

Because the Wyze cam uses the internet to stream live to the Wyze app, you’ll need a hotspot. If you are always streaming, you may need a heightened-data plan. You can either buy one from your carrier or use your phone (should be plugged into power as well).


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