I am a ghost hunter

Hi there. I bought these for security in my small shop, However it occurred to me that these are better than all my ghost hunting cameras, so I purchased more. My question is. Do I have to HAVE WiFi (some locations do not) if SO can I use my mobile hotspot? Thank you for any help as I have clients this next weekend to help and I don’t want to solely rely on them having internet or not.

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Yes - we use several v2 Wyze cams with mobile hotspots on a daily basis. All the usual concerns regarding mobile hotspots apply - strong cellular signal and enough electricity mainly.

Limited offline use should be possible once the cams are configured as long as you have an SD card installed. I’ve never done it but here’s the link:



Many here run cameras off portable power packs and wifi hotspots in cars and cabins.

Please share any and all videos you capture with our community.

We (ok, I) often joke that the transparent orbs are spirits … rather than the more rational explanation that the night vision picks up dust and spider webs.

But, keeping an open mind, we’d (ok, I) would like to see an evidence you happen to capture with a WYZE camera.