Wyze Thermostat Y/0 wire

I received my Wyze thermostat. Trying to setup but not able to figure out where is this Y/0 and W/B wires goes on new Wyze thermostat? Here is pictures of my old one.

Thanks for your help.

Y is usually the yellow cable goes to Y/Y1, O is the orange cable. W Is usually heat, B should be a blue cable which means “RV On In Heat” but obviously other colors have been used there. You can use the link below for the references:

Thermostat Wiring

Looking at the enlarged picture it seems that the wires are just a bit dirty, but G = green, RH (with jumper cable to RC) = red, Y = yellow and W = white.

There doesn’t seem to be a C (blue) wire. I found my thermostat wired identical to yours, but behind the wall I had a blue wire that was not connected at either point (furnace or thermostat). It was present in the wiring so I could connect it at both ends. If you do not have an extra wire like that that you can use, you will have to use the C-wire adapter at the furnace end.

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