WYZE Thermostat remote for Rinnai EX22CTN heater - cannot get it to work

WYZE Thermostat remote for Rinnai EX22CTN heater - cannot get it to work. I have the remote interface and 24vac transformer. The interface works perfectly, the Wyze sits there dark. The wiring on the furnace has only two wires from the interface. I have tried every combination of wiring and it sits there dark. Does anyone have help for a Rinnai remote setup?

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This sounds like a proprietary setup that may not work with the Wyze thermostat. What are the wires labeled on the old thermostat? I’ll tag in some knowledgeable users @speadie and @Ken.S to see if they know.

Show your wiring. I’ve looked at the install manual- it should work in the 3 wire configuration mode with the AC adapter.

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Thank you for you reply.
I have wired it this way and the thermostat sits dark.
Nothing comes to life.
Could there be a problem with the thermostat?

(I tested the relay board using an external battery and an LED. The Relay board works when I touch the 24vac to the input wires.)

Thank you.
This is a new installation of a Rinnai EX22CTN direct vent heater with remote capabilities. There was no previous thermostat.

Show pictures of your wiring. What wires do you have hooked up to the wyze and on what terminals?

The wyze should power up when it is connected to Rc and C, which should both be connected to the transformer directly.
Then a third wire should be connected to W and one of the wires from the relay, and a fourth wire is connected to the common terminal of the transformer and to the other wire coming from the relay.

Here is a video that may be of assistance: How to Install a Remote Thermostat on your Rinnai Direct Vent Furnace - YouTube

Thank you, It is installing the new software now. I appreciate your patience and assistance.

Thank you, your link helped. It is working now!

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Hi again, I used a test setup to get it working. Now I want to install it.
I need to run wiring to the location where the Wyze Thermostat will mount on the wall.
What gauge wire should I use?
I have 100ft of 24ga-4 conductors and 60 ft of 20ga 3-conductors. (in my test setup, I used the 24ga-4 conductor)

Thermostat wire is generally 18-20 gauge, depending on length. For short runs, 24 gauge might suffice, but for longer runs you should use a thicker wire.

Hi Speadie,
Thank you. I used a flashlight to read the fine print on a roll of wire and it is 18ga.
All I have to figure out is how to feed the wire up thru the wall and into the attic…
Thank you again,

Probably easier to feed it down from the attic. Let gravity assist you. You’ll want a fish tape or similar to pull the wire with.