Wyze Thermostat Problem - AC on with Heat

This leads me to think that your wiring is set up weirdly. If Y1 is disconnected, the wyze is not calling for the compressor to run. I’ve got one last idea you can try if you want. Try disconnecting the G wire from the thermostat. Your board may be calling for AC when the fan is called for some reason. Most thermostats do not call for the fan during a heat cycle, the wyze does (The furnace usually controls the fan in newer systems) If this is the case, the fan should kick on automatically after a short delay when a cooling or heating call is made. If it does not, then this will not work for you.

The fan blows and that’s about it. So cold air when air is on and no warm air when heat is on. I do get the smell of the heat when I turn it on. I’m in Louisiana in a loft apartment so I don’t use the heat much if ever. Here is the pics of the wires

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Here is the error I received at first

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I think you have a heat pump. use the labels on the lower part of your old thermostat to determine the wire labeling.


Where does the orange wire (labeled W1 on your current wiring) go? I need to see it connect to the control board.

I believe your wires should be labeled from left to right:
Black wire> unused
White wire: Aux or E
Green wire: G
Orange wire: O/B
Blue wire: C
Yellow wire : Y
Red wire R

Thank you very much.
This was our exact issue.

Yes, I ended up switching back to the Honeywell also. I have several Wyze products and love them. This is the first one that I will not be using.

Mine is set up like your first drawing but the AC is still turning on with heat

share pictures.

Same issue - heat and a/c come on with either.

Below are pictures of before and after.

  1. What am I doing wrong?
    B. I have an extra wire - can I use that for C instead of the adapter? (or maybe use yellow for Y on both unit and thermostat and use blue for C wire?)
    b2. Any idea why I would have two wires on Y (red and blue)? At the thermostat, blue wire goes to Y and red goes to R.
    c. I’m pretty smart and can fix most things, but this is kicking my butt. Talk to me like I’m 5.

Gas, forced air, no heat pump

Sorry, but I’m only allowed to upload one at a time and have to wait for reply to post again.

Orig thermostat wiring:
RH to RC jumper red wire
red to RH
white wire to W
blue wire to Y
green wire to G
yellow wire not connected
C, O, and A no wires connected

Added my pics to dropbox - see if this works:

Put the red Y wire back on the furnace board’s Y position.

Hmm… I can try that.

Any way to get away from the C adapter altogether by connecting my unused thermostat wire to C at both ends?