Wyze Thermostat no C wire Nordyne unit

I just got my thermostat today. I went hook up my C wire which is Blue and its hooked to nothing at the furnace. The unit is electric heat with outside central air. I need to know where to attach my C wire since the unit doesn’t have a circuit board labeled in it. Model is Nordyne e2eb 012ha.

Can you take pictures?
Also, you may be able to use an adapter and connect it to the arc and c terminals.
Wiring example:

This is what it looks like in the furnace

. This is one I found on the web, but they look the same, same model and all.

I’m not sure other then the adapter idea. There’s some knowledgeable users who might know. I’ll tag them.
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wiring diagram.

You should have red, white, green and black wires coming from the furnace going to wire nuts that go to thermostat wires. The black wire should be ( C ) common, but please post your own picture, so I can make sure you’re not connecting to a 240V line, as many of the black wires in that unit are high voltage.

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Blue is not connected

Yes, but I need to see your furnace picture. Not someone else’s furnace. I need to see the other side of these connectors on your furnace.

Its the very same as the top picture, cant cut it off again in 30 degree weather to take it back a part, wife will kill me.

Right. What I’m trying to tell you is that it could be fatal to attach it to the wrong place, and I can’t see the wires to make sure that they are low voltage. The image is cut off before it shows the top side of that connector.

This one is C image

Just strip back and add the blue wire, No need to remove the red or black wires from the connection.

That seemed easy man. can I just tie the blue into those?


Ill give it a try, when it isn’t so dang cold.

image here

30 in North Alabama , cold for us.

Thanks again Speadie, Ill let you know how this turns out.

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Speadie, Thanks so much for your help. I got everything up and going today.

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I have the heater only version of the same Nordyne (E2EH 017HA). I only have two wire nut connections in my situation: red thermo to red pigtail, white thermo to white pigtail. The green thermo isn’t connected to anything. No obvious c wire. Any suggestions? The 24V pigtail does have a grey accessory wire that isn’t used, but not sure how that connects through the transformer. Any help is appreciated.