Wyze Thermostat no C wire Nordyne unit

I need pictures.

Thank you. Attached is a photo of the overall wire setup at the heater, a photo of the old thermostat wiring connections, and a photo of the electrical schematic at the heater. If you need something closer or from a different angle, easy to do. I appreciate your willingness to help.

2nd photo…

3rd photo …

With the power off, strip back about 1/4 of an inch of insulation from the large grey wire and the thin blue wire.
Then connect them together with a wire nut.

At the thermostat side of things, pull out the blue wire and strip about a 1/4 of an inch off the end and connect it to C on your wyze thermostat. Connect the red Rh wire to Rc, and the white W1 wire to W1. The green wire’s not hooked up on the other end, so no need to connect it to anything- if you want, you can wrap it around the cable like the blue wire was, otherwise just tuck it out of the way so it doesn’t touch anything and become live.

During setup, tell they wyze that your “old thermostat” has the following wires connected: Rc, W1, and C.


I am following up after receiving and installing the new thermostat. All of the instructions worked perfectly. You didn’t have to take the time to respond, but you did and I wanted to say Thank You.

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