No control board for C-wire adapter where do I connect C?

Can anyone help I don’t know what to connect to C. I don’t see a control board. furnace|640x480

@speadie you seem to know a lot about this things. Can you assist?

trace the red wire back to the 24v transformer, the other wire on the transformer is the C wire

also, it looks like your tstat wire has a unused blue wire that you can use to connect C to the wyze tstat

This wirenut is C.
Take the unconnected blue wire here, strip the end and put it in this wire-nut with the red and large brown/black? wires.
Then on your wyze, put the blue wire into C
Tell the wyze app that you have R, G, W, Y, C wires.


Okay so the c wire from the plastic plug brown wire goes to the 24v transformer? And then these two brown connectors are jumped. So the brown is my c… couple questions, since it’s a plastic plug connector how can i swap the wires? That’s what I should do to connect the adapter right and leave everything else the same as it is?

That wire nut is the power red to the cooling unit outside. I don’t think that’s C. See below for more pics where i located c at the plug connector.

trace the brown C wire from the plug, use the unused blue wire in the thermostat cable to connect to it. You don’t need the adapter

are u sure that brown wire that speadie pointed out isnt the C from the plug? it’s normal for C to connect to the outside unit

It is normal for C to connect to outside? Okay I will try it and see what happens. Thanks. Will keep you updated.

Yes, that and Y. Plus speadie always gives good advice :grin:


Thank you both! This worked! :heart:
@speadie @Ken.S

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