Wyze Thermostat installation, detected extra wires

After wiring up the thermostat and sync with the phone, the app said there’s extra wires being plugged into the base but there are no wires in those plugs. is the unit defective.

I had those same ones marked as extra. I just ignored it and it all works fine. I’ve read multiple posts here about the same issue during setup also. The only thing is that some people said they weren’t able to continue past that point. Not sure why though, maybe the app version has something to do with it. I use the beta app on IOS.

I’m using Android app and not able to go fast that point. Only button available on the app is “Try Again” or cancel/exit.

I am having the same issue with an extra wire that does not exist. When I bypass the app and install, it will operate both my AC and heat at the same time.

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Had no idea I was performing surgery to get thermostat installed. Ultimately had to reinstall the old one.

I have fairly straight setup: Rheem A/C Unit(s) inside and out. Heat is simple Electric Strip and Compressor is basic 3 Ton unit.

First off, I don’t have a terminal block inside the blower unit. Refer to the pic and you see a transformer with WIRES of various colors. The Purple(unused), Black(with White Stripes), Black(with Green Stripes) and Brown are not mentioned in any video or booklet. The TWO larger Brown sheathed wires are holding feeds of Red and White (goes out to A/C) with Blue and Yellow unused and the other Brown sheathed wire Has Blue and Yellow.

Can zoom in on the pic and see the transformer model if that helps anyone.

I will probably order a 6 position lowvolt terminal block and try to make it a bit prettier but that probably won’t help my situation with wire colors much.

I was hoping to get the thermostat swapped out before the house dropped down to 40F inside but after my first attempt… It may need to wait until Spring before I can get the swap made in a little less than a DAY of working on it.

Thanks for any suggestions,.


I submitted a support ticket with Wyze. I submitted all the pictures of the wiring that they requested and they said it looks correct. They told me to keep hitting the “Try Again” then eventually will see the “Skip” option. Then do the function test for Heat and AC. I tried that and everything seems to be working correctly. I will monitor the system for the next couple days but it’s been half a day so far and the heat is maintaining temperature.

Sorry, didn’t see your post until now.
I really need a wider shot to see what colors the wires are that come out of the transformer, as well as being able to see the 2 thermostat wire runs to determine which one of your wires is C.