Wyze Thermostat - Google Calendar Event Based Away Mode Toggling

Please allow Google Calendar interface for scheduling such that events with the tag #thermostat could trigger toggling between Present Mode to Away temperature settings, then revert after completion of the event. Thus users could schedule future vacations, single day events, or complex work schedules. This would be especially helpful for those that do shift work (i.e. those in the healthcare industry) who do not work on a regular 9-5 seven day MTWTFSS cycle.

This is a cool idea @WhiteFences!
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Unlike many 9-5 employees, my schedule revolves around a 14 day cycle. I would like to schedule thermostat settings accordingly for my two week cycle schedule. Currently, only select “dumb” thermostats allow 14 day cycle scheduling.

Please allow an option to extend the current 7 day scheduling (MTWTFSS) to a 14 day (MTWTFSSMTWTFSS) or variable day cycle.

Alternatively, interface with Google Calendar could allow infinite scheduling by allowing events with the tag #thermostat to toggle home temperature settings to away mode and restore home mode upon completion. This would additionally allow people to schedule vacations and one time events.


I run an Airbnb and I am looking for a thermostat that can integrated with Google calendar. I would like the ability to set the temp based off of an event in GC.

ex. If a calendar event has the word “reserved” it will set the temp to 70. And at the end of the event it will set the temp to 60.

note - I would want the guest to be able to set the temp during there stay so I only want it to change the temp at the start and at the end of the event.


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