Wyze thermostat gets warm/hot

My wyze thermostat gets warm/hot. I have the temp set at 78. Even when the house is cold the thermostat won’t turn off because it says themostat is reading room temp at 84 degrees and I dont have any sunlight blasting on the thermostat to keep it hot. Does anyone elses themostat do the same or has done the same and figured out the problem. Seriousle looking to just go with a different company for all my devices if I don’t get this issue resolved.
p.s. I had the thermostat replaced due to having issuses with the original wyze themostat I bought.

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When you replaced the original Wyze Thermostat that you mentioned was doing this, did you replace just the thermostat? Or, did you also replace the wall plate also?

Yes, I replaced it with a brand new wyze thermostat. I had a digital honeywell before changing it and that one never got warm/hot. It is not letting my a/c turn off because thermostat isnt getting proper room reading due to it staying warm. It is even warm when i turn it off manually.

I may have misunderstood this statement. :point_up_2:

I understood that to mean you had an original Wyze Thermostat, it was getting hot, and you had Wyze replace it with another unit that also gets hot.

If that is the case, when you replaced the first unit that was getting hot, did you just swap out the Thermostat Head, or did you completely remove the old Wyze Wall Mounting Plate and reinstall the Wall Mounting Plate that came with the new replacement Wyze Thermostat.

The reason I ask is because there was another user some time in the past that had the exact same issue. Swapping the thermostat head with a second installed thermostat did not remedy the issue. The hot thermostat remained at the original location, NOT the original thermostat. Swapping the Wall Mounting Plates made the Hot unit move to the second thermostat location. The problem was with a defective Wall Mounting Plate that needed to be replaced.

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Yes I had a honeywell, then got a wyze thermostat to go with everything else wyze I have, and that one was getting hot so I got in touch with a wyze technician and they had me troubleshoot it, it was still getting hot so they sent me a new one. I completely removed eveything from the first wyze thermostat I purchased (original) and replaced it with the new one they sent me. 100% replaced thermostat. So this one is getting hot. Im going to the voltage that is being sent from the common wire. It might be sending more than 24v, and if so, I’d have to check the air handler, and see how it is connected.


Understood. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t another faulty wall plate.

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