Wyze Thermostat - Disable/Enable motion sensor option

That’s fair. I know what temp I set it to…seeing it every time I walk through is redundant. Nest allows shutting off this feature on their devices. The Wyze thermostat is in a sort of side area of our store mounted to an old wooden column. Customers have a knack for talking about the old columns, asking about the building’s history, and then finding the brand new thermostat which brightens up when they approach it or walk by. It starts a conversation that isn’t relevant to them visiting us. It’s not the end of the world, just a feature I’d prefer to turn off.

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That should be able to be turned off.
I’m sure some black electrical tape over the sensor would fix that problem.
Might not look fantastic, though.

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Agreed about the aesthetics. I held my finger over the sensor today and it worked (stopped it from working). Maybe I will try a piece of black tape…could trim it cleanly and hope for the best. Wyze told me it isn’t a supported feature which is how I got to this forum

I have a small piece of electrical tape over the sensor on my thermostat, it’s not very noticeable and does the job. If you took the time to cut the tape nicely (unlike me) it’ll look cleaner.


I think I’ll give this a try. I might be able to make a cleaner piece of tape in my studio. Thanks for sending the pic of your work around


Sounds like TemFlex tape is useful for several Wyze products. It’s friction-based and peels away without any residue, and matte finish.

In a month from now:
“New! Wyze Friction Tape, perfect for disabling motion sensors and darkening screens!”

The function to enable or disable this feature would be nice, or at least the option to set it to not wake during the sleep schedule would be fantastic

Thermostat motion sensors OFF

I’d like the thermostats to have the option of not having the motion sensors detect someone in order to show the display. Rather the display should remain on at all times so you can see it from across the room.


Typical Wyze fashion apparently, release a product then forget about updating the software to be useful. I go this thermostat, and while way better than my 1985 thermostat, it really is not that “smart”. Hoping they bring the motion sensing back with a toggle switch because schedules are not always accurate.