Wyze thermostat c-wire adapter no YWGR on control board

I am having trouble connecting my C wire adapter to my control board. I can’t seem to find the ywgr on the control board and they are labeled with T1 T2 T3


this is your air conditioner compressor, not your indoor air handler. you need to find the air handler. it might be in a crawlspace under your house or in your attic, if you don’t have a basement.

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@speadie okay that makes sense, its a new house, I will have to look around. I wish the Wyze app mentioned this going through the set-up :smiley:. I will update when one is available.
Thank you!!!

Just to update, that was my issue…I was looking at the condenser not the furnace. Maybe a note for the next update, for the instruction. mention that the C-Wire adapter is intended to be installed to the furnace/air handle and if you do not see the YWGR you may be looking in the wrong place… :grimacing: :grin:

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