Wyze Thermostat 24 volt power adapter question

I only have a W and a Rh wire for my current thermostat would I be able to install a 24 volt power adapter/transformer to mimic the c wire? Nest and ecobee offer this as an alternative to C wires and wondering if the same would be possible for the wyze Thermostat.

Yup! I have mine set up with only a red and white wire and then have a 120 to 24VAC transformer in the wall going to Rc and C on the thermostat.

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Yes, connect the adapter to Rc and C and your current thermostat wires to Rh and W


My current thermostat has W and R wires. Where would the wires for the adapter go for me?

The thermostat wires go to Rh and W1
The adapter wires go to Rc and C

Make sure you tell the wyze app that you have these 4 wires:
Rc Rh W1 C