Wyze thermostat 1st stage test fail 2nd stage ok, no heat

I set my thermostat to gas forced air, and did the test. I don’t get heat stage 1 but have it on stage 2. After the test, I get no heat, just blowing air. If I do the test again, I get get on stage 2.

So, I have an O wire and B where. If I tell WYZE I have the O/B wire, WYZE automatically thinks I have a heat pump system, and forces a 2-stage system configuration. But I don’t have a heat pump system. I disconnected both O and B wire, and went through the set up and again without them, and now WYZE configures my system as 1 stage heat and 1 stage cool, and the heat is working. I also switched off my AC breaker to prevent that from turning on.

I think the O and B wires control which device to keep off - shorting O and R turns off the heat - shorting O and R turns off the AC. So in the summer, I should be able to switch on the AC breaker and switch off the furnace breaker to get cooling.

as per my hvac manual here-