Wyze Surge Protector

Standard operating temperature for Wyze Surge Protector is missing. There’s a :fire:retardant temperature which I believe just tells me the temperature that it will ignite but I’m interested in knowing if this can be used in an unheated Michigan garage that is connected to the house? I would like to plug it into a ceiling socket closest to the house door or on a wall over a workbench. Either way it will be in-garage at all times, which could be -10°F in the winter with the door down or up to 100+°F in the summer with the door up or down. It’s unlikely to ever be humid or exposed to moisture where it will be placed/fixed (ceiling or to wall) +4feet off the ground. I would like to use Surge to power ceiling garage LED light and a connected Wyze cam on Wyze sockets. Wyze socket would be employed to power cycle/ reset cam. Light socket would be triggered ON with Cam motion or when door goes up… haven’t figured this part out. I just know it’s difficult to attach Synse contact sensors to the actual garage
door. I just need to know if the Surge Protector will survive the garage workbench near the house door? Presently it’s 40°F inside the garage while it is 29°F outside. Thanks.

I’m not sure, but be aware that the surge protector for sale on the website is not a smart device. It’s simply a surge protector. If you have special temperature requirements, you might do better looking for a surge protector that’s specifically rated for that.

Right. I am aware that it “lacks intelligence”. Just wanted the same temperature related specs given for all the other products. The Surge has none.