Wyze Sprinkler Download Run Data

*Request ability to download the run data for the sprinkler - zone, date, time, duration.
*Request ability to input water output by zone (paired with the already captured data of sqft covered).


I bought a house a year ago and had a three bad water bills back to back. Bought a Flume water monitor to try to figure out the reason. Turns out it was my drip zone that had an enormous hole. System was running at 5 am and I never saw it run (nor noticed pooling water). Was pumping out 12 GPM for 20 minutes at a time 4 days a week for a month - ~1,000gal/mo (>1CCF of water each month, billed at the highest rate, with sewer charge on top of it since I have a single meter for my house).

Now that I have live water data, I started getting nerdy about the stats I could collect and gamified my water usage (try to minimize show times, track the toilet that runs, verify 0 usage when I’m out of town). I already did some calculations on the run rate of each zone manually (I know which ones my water hogs are). This then lead to me wanting the Wyze Sprinkler for further control.

If I could download the run time of my zones, I could tie that back to the downloaded data from my water sensor and be able to split my water bill between irrigation usage and general household usage and drive further efficiency.

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