Wyze Sprinkler Controller - Smart weather-based watering with 8 control zones

Hi, do have some idea as to the shape of the enclosure? Will it be like the shape of the controller or just a standard square/rectangular box?



And what the cost, if any, will be?

It is rectangular, and will be under $30.

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Agreed. I see this being an excellent application for garden systems like an in-line drip used in beds. This would allow for many unique zones and watering schedules for different plant requirements. Alternatively, if you wanted to setup a new zone for sprinklers without running power and the solenoid valve was battery powered.

Do we know yet when this outdoor enclosure will be available? Thank you!

They haven’t released anything that I am aware of. I kind of gave up on the whole thing.

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PLEASE! Can someone help?
My sprinkler controller will NOT start in Auto… I don’t have the Sprinkler Plus but I can start and stop any zone manually just fine… Just cannot for the life of me get this thing to start on a fixed schedule!.
App is up to date and set-up worked fine… I mean I dont have to set up a schedule through Blue tooth right? Just with the App on wifi yeh? This is crazy!

Hello! Can you submit an app log and tell me the ID#? I will ask our developer to look into it!

Would be good for getting deer off ones property as well. If we could have an alert from the camera trigger a 1 minute watering in a specific zone. Thanks

Hello! You should be able to get deer off the property using Rules > Trigger/Action! For the trigger, you can select a camera and choose one of the detection options (motion, pet, etc). For the action, you can select the sprinkler zone to water.

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I tried that, but I didn’t see the the option…maybe its because I have the outdoor cams…

I do wish pet was a trigger option, but it is not on there in the rules:


Maybe you can pass that on to the rules team as a suggestion because as you indicated with a good example, we would all love to have the other detections be a trigger option too. :slight_smile: In this case, we can’t just set motion to turn on the sprinkler because that motion can be triggered by anything (person, shadow, rain) and we don’t want it spraying water for any of those reasons, just when an animal is in that area.


Thank you for the heads up! I found out that Pet Detection is with Cam Plus, which may be why it isn’t showing up. We will try to make it clearer to users so there is less confusion.

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Yes, pet detection is on cam plus, but you can’t use pet detection as a rule to trigger something else to happen when a pet is detected. So there is no way to have the sprinklers or anything else turn on when it sees a pet (but you can for person detections). We can only get a notification for pets right now, not trigger anything, even with Cam Plus.

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I see, we are testing the new AI triggers with the AI team and are working on it!


Can you add me to the test group?

I don’t see it mentioned on the products page, but I thought I would ask… Does the Wyze Inground Sprinkler Controller have Alexa Integration? :crossed_fingers: I would love to install one for my mom. She can use Alexa, but at 95, she’s not going to learn an app…

You may want to vote for and follow this #roadmap topic:

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Thanks! I searched ‘sprinkler, Alexa’ and that topic wasn’t returned in results.

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