Wyze Sky Cam

Anyone using the Wyze as a Sky Camera? I have had a BloomSky for several years and would like to replace it with a better weather station. I haven’t seen any others with a ‘sky camera’ though. So…


The dome was < $8 and Wyze fits in there perfectly. I covered the Wyze Cam in black tape to reduce reflections. Wondering if I can attach/glue a fisheye / wide angle iphone lens on the Wyze? I think I have a cheap one of these to experiment with next.

One potential issue is condensation in the dome. It’s not water tight, there are some holes/gaps on the back.

Software feature requests:

-automatic/daily time lapse (BloomSky captures an image every 5 minutes and after sunset, creates a time lapse video with timestamp and temperature)

-auto night sensitivity mode with IR LED off (would be cool to see a star or planet rotate overhead)


@kevin2 I have moved your post over to the #tips-and-tricks section.

Regarding your feature requests:

  1. The request fo recurring time lapse is already in the #roadmap. You can vote for it here:
  1. Night mode with IR LEDs off is currently in beta testing. It should be being released fairly soon.

This is really neat! Thanks for sharing the idea. Certainly an less expensive option to the BloomSky camera. It would be a good unit to use to upload images to WeatherUnderground in conjunction with a personal weather station.

Need to try out a lens somehow to get more field of view.

This one is little too fast, 14 hours in 6 seconds…

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Can a Wyze Cam be used with Weather Underground?

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That’s a good question. I know WU was having some bumps in the road awhile back with adding cams. You could certainly give it a shot and see if it works.

I’m not sure what the exact requirements are for adding a cam to WU…

i think WyzeCam would have to go through TinyCam in order to work with WU. My BloomSky cam is still working through WU PWS but they have eliminated weather feed APIs. IIRC, the WU interface is only way to get the BloomSky images as a URL. i use that image URL in my SmartThings dashboard along with my WyzeCam->TinyCam feeds.

i bought a battery pack and waterproof case, gonna try to make my WyzeCam truly wireless reusing the BloomSky solar panel.


Post an update when you get the solar panel / battery setup going. It sounds interesting.

Timelapse of recent ISS flyover.

The cheap box I bought is bit to small to fit cables poking out 2 sides of battery pack :frowning: I tried a cellphone fisheye and it kind of works but lose a lot of image. Ordered a replacement lense that someone here in the forum linked to.


You can get it to work using the beta firmware and RTSP. I use ffmpeg to grab a single frame from the stream and then FTP it to Weather Underground every five minutes. WU seems a little flaky on accepting images at the moment but it works: https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/INOVASCO111


Nice! :+1: I think you should turn green box motion tagging off tho (the initial “More” menu when cam is up)

Yep, good point! I’ve been trying to find a reasonable NVR that supports motion detection so that I can put the camera to dual duty as a weather/security camera, but I haven’t had too much luck lately. Also managed to get a piece of dust or fluff in the lens as well, so I suspect that camera will end up getting replaced soon. Maybe outside duty is in it’s future!

I have my WyzeCam going through TinyCam on android so I could probably do similar to WU. Thanks!

It looks like you have yours going through a window (that is an amazing view by the way!!!) , you can minimize the camera reflection with some black electrical tape.

If you have Tinycam set up and port forwarding enabled, you can get the current picture from a camera by using a URL like:

I tried this, the camera cooked itself. ofcourse i live in the USA Desert Southwest. camer housing shriveled, and lost focus. and eventually the main board went out. still blinks, but no video wont setup.

Thank you for the info. I may get the same result in a few weeks then :frowning: