Wyze sensor

hi there all i need some advice i have one of my sensors hook up to my patio doors. every time the door is open the sensor goes off. I went to settings of my back door sensor hit schedules and automation . under edit rules i put in a start time of 10pm off time 800am. But for some reason the back door sensor keeps going on even those i have a time set. any help would be greatful

Thanks michael

The start time needs to occur for the rule to go in effect.

Do you want notifications only from 10p to 8a then? (You didn’t mention what was to start at 10p). And you are getting notifications now?

Yes I am notification at the moment. But in the rules I add on at 10 pm and off at 8am

At 10 pm to am I want to be notified if my sensor goes off on my sliding patio door

Yes at the moment I am getting notifications. Bu I only want to get them 10 pm to 8 am . I set the time from 10 pm to 8 am. So I am guessing from what you said after 8am tomorrow my sensor should not go off every time we open our sliding door

Yes, the times in the rule need to occur for any action to be taken. If you created a rule at 5p that stated at 10p turn on notifications for ### for and then off at 8a. Since it’s 5p “now”, whatever setting your notification is currently at will stay until 10p when it will turn “on”. It will then turn “off” at 8a tomorrow. Then it will be off until 10p when the rule starts again. Make sence?

Yes it does thank you do much

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