Wyze Sense plus Bulb (Color)

I have a wyze sense setup in my mud room to turn on/off my new color bulb. I’ve setup triggers: one to turn the light on when motion is sensed and then another to turn the light off after it hasn’t sensed motion for 1 minute. I also setup schedule from 8pm to 7am to make the light a night light at 25% brightness. When it’s during the scheduled time and motion is sensed, the bulb goes to full brightness and then when motion is clear, it turns off. How could I make it to where it goes to the previous percentage?

Hello Matt17,

In your trigger, you will choose to “turn on the bulb” and “set brightness to 25%” and “Set color Temperature”. Which is 3 different actions. (see my Office example).

Hope that helps.

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I will add that I make a specific set of instructions for each window of time I want to control…

Schedule 1 - 12 am to 12 pm - do XYZ
Schedule 2 - 12pm to 12 am - do ABC

You have to setup everything specifically for the time of day you want it to happen. If there is a gap in time, nothing will happen in the gap.

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Awesome. Thanks @Earl.Automation. That is what I needed to know. I wasn’t sure if I had to be that specific or if it would just go back to it’s previous state during a rule.