Wyze sense / bridge range

Well all - my whining and complaining got me some good results from WYZE so - good luck with the wires. I’m signing off.Have a good day .

Just buy the extra bridge and sensors like I did. They don’t have to be sold separately. I’m sure you can use the extra sensors. They could easily sell the bridge for the same price as the bundle.


If it’s that much of an issue for you, buy the sensor package and sell the magnets and pir and keep the bridge. Cheap at $20. And you might end up making some money off the deal. Just sayin :man_shrugging:

I posted this in another thread:
I just realized that the sense system runs on the same rf band as a DSC and many other wireless alarm contacts so I’m thinking something like an Ademco or DSC 915Mhz repeater would solve the ranging issues. DSC PG9920 PowerG 915Mhz Wireless Repeater
I’m going to hit up alibaba and see what I can find and order to test the theory. There might be a $20/30/40 solution for this issue.

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Funny, at first glance I thought this was a political pun post as I didn’t associate ‘Democrat’ with an alarm sensor…

I just don’t get the “you invested in” part :man_shrugging:

Finally drilled a proper hole for the wire.


Hi, do all the dsc models work on 915? I think its an existing dsc impasse, old house with a few wireless sensors, an existing install from previous owner? Not found an simpler/cost effective alternative use yet, that is compatible with anything I have.

@Solardave Did you ever test the repeater? I haven’t had issues with the contact sensors yet, but I’m planning on buying some more of them, and they’ll be further from my camera, so I’m preparing myself in case I have a problem. Haha.

@nerdland Sorry but no I did not. I’ve been completely swamped and haven’t had time to play with any of the Wyze stuff. I’ve got sense, bulbs and switches siting in my bench waiting for me to come up for air. There appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel so hopefully soon.

Saw your solution of adding an extension wire and did likewise. I have a window at the far side of the floor from the bridge. I had noticed only one bar of signal strength and had some concern but seemed to work OK with only a time or two when connectivity was lost. That seemed to start to happen more frequently, especially more when we would be gone for a few days or more (???). I had a concern that adding extra length to the antenna would “detune” it to the frequency used but it was easy to try. I had some very thin gauge antenna wire, drilled a hole in the side of the case and then glued it. Well, it did work, raised signal strength up a bar or two and so far so good. Time will tell. Wire length is ~ 1 foot.

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Cool. Be sure to update us if you give it a shot.

4 sure.


Did you try to add an antenna (wire) on the pir sensor?

does the PIR sensor also run at 915Hz (12" antennae? ) should the antennae be the full 12" or 1/4 of it = 3" ? thanks

Does anyone know if the wire hack will work for the motion sensor? I’m having problems getting it to work at the desired location. It will not connect. I’m hoping that the same wire trick discussed above will extend its range and is possible for the motion sensor.

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If you try it and it works, please post the process and results, this being a user supported community, all hacks and mods should be shared.

IIRC, the motion sensor has a planar antenna, as opposed to the coiled wire. I did not take it out to inspect the exact style.

My experience has been that the combined sensitivity between the bridge and motion sensors is very highly directional. For example, my bridge is on the 1st floor and my motion sensors are in the basement. I tried several locations and the worst signal strength is when I position the motion sensor almost directly beneath the bridge (1 bar). I have one on the opposite side of the basement - obstructed by HVAC duct work - that is holding 2-3 bars.

If I get bored, then I will do a deeper dive into the TX/RX patterns of each antenna. Has anyone opened up a bridge to confirm what style is used in there?

Here’s what the inside of the motion sensor looks like. No obvious antenna to me. Can anyone spot one?

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In your picture, it looks like it is at the very top. The planar antenna just looks like a tiny circuit board tucked into the enclosure.