Wyze Scale use by spouse

I just bought the Wyze Scale and set it up for myself. Is it possible for my spouse to use it without using the app, just to get her weight? She is not a person who is interested in apps.

There is a Guest button in the app. You have do it real time. It also doesn’t save the personal data for age, height, gender etc.

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There’s a physical screen built in to the scale you just have to use the guest mode as @Station mentioned!

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Couldn’t your spouse just step on it to gather her/his data? Or are you trying to avoid that “users” data to mix with the original users data? That’s what it seems to me.

So she just can’t get on the scale and see her weight? I have to be there and hit guest mode? (Yes, I know there is a display on the scale)

There’s a possibility of the data getting mixed up. The scale might be able to recognize a different person, but not always.

You should be able to add her as a member on your wyze scale. She doesn’t need to use the app but you would need the app. Where does she want to see her weight if not the display on the scale nor the app?

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Here is the answer I got by calling Wyze, and she has used it since w/o issue: She get on the scale, sees her weight and gets off. She does not need the app, I do not need to do anything in my app. It just works. The app does not get confused when I use the scale.