Wyze RTSP Resolution SD or 360p?

Hi all, our cottage is at the long end of a shoestring internet connection and based testing using the Wyze app 360p would be ideal for the rtsp resolution setting.

Does anybody know if rtsp default resolution can be set to SD or 360P? Btw I changed it in the app and it does not affect the rtsp resolution. For practicality reasons asking the family to install the app to see what’s happening at the cottage isn’t an option - we use ipcamviewer on the iphone.

Thanks in advance and love the Wyze cam!


you would have to configure it in your NVR. check the settings for the program you’re using to set the quality. also make sure to cap the FPS at 15

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Thanks I’m not using an NVR, just an iPhone viewer app.

Many other cams have substreams with options for different resolutions but I gather Wyze doesn’t have this capability.

Anyway, I have a Dlink ptz that I’ll use instead of the Wyze.