Wyze Robot Vacuum under Furniture

My Wyze Robot Vacuum sees the bedskirt as a wall, and doesn’t go under the bed (even though it would easily fit). Cleaning under beds is the main reason I got a robot vacuum. My older robot vacuum would push through the skirt and clean under the bed with no problem. Hopefully a new release of the firmware or software will fix this limitation so that it can distinguish between hard walls and skirts. In the meantime, if I want it to clean under the bed, I have to pin or tuck the skirt up out of the way, but that’s a lot of bother.

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What type of sensor did your old robot vacuum use?
The Wyze vacuum has a LIDAR sensor (a spinning laser) as one of the main sensors that detects objects like walls and furniture. The “bumper” sensors on the front are usually used to confirm walls and furniture are there, but if the LIDAR sensor thinks it’s a wall it may not confirm with the bumper.
This is most likely why your having this issue.


Yes, I understand WHY the Wyze Robot Vacuum has this issue. The question now is how to fix it. Obviously, a robot vacuum that won’t clean under beds is not very useful.

I’m not going to pretend to know the answer - that’s Wyze’s area of expertise - but here are a couple of ideas:

  • On the mapping software enable the user to override a wall. This would be the counterpart to virtual walls - a sort of virtual un-wall.
  • Have the robot confirm that a wall is solid by pushing up against it.
  • Combine the above two. Rather than having the robot push up against all walls (which would be a bumpy ride), allow the map user to designate which walls to test.
    I hope that helps.



It’d be interesting to see what would happen if you remapped the bedroom with the skirt lifted then try cleaning with it down and see how the vacuum handles this “new wall”. Would it push through or just simply block off under the bed?

I think once they come out with spot cleaning you will be able to designate under the bed.

With the skirt that low, I doubt the floor under the bed will need to be vacuumed that often.
I would place the WRV under the bed and start Cleaning from the App.
Because of the skirt wall, the vacuum will stay under the bed and clean that area.
Then I would ignore that section of the room for 6 months.
If you are vacuuming the rest of the room frequently, there should not be much dust under the bed anyway.
You could repeat the manual way I described as often as you wish. But do not save the new map after vacuuming under the bed only. That way you will be able to keep the map of the entire floor unaffected after each under the bed session.
If you get tired of doing it, maybe it is time to get rid of the bed skirt. Or you could make the skirt 4 inches off the floor.
Waiting for a new type of sensor to be installed on the vacuum would take more than 5 years I think.

The Wyze robot vacuum will not pass the threshold of a curtain or bedskirt. The problem is the laser sees the bedskirt as a barrier, and I don’t think that is going to change in software, even though older vacuums were blind to it.

As you have surmised, the way to solve this is to raise the bedskirt by tucking it in underneath your mattress or springs. Then your robot will vacuum underneath forever after, no problem.

I eliminated barriers like this on the far side of my bed, and no one is the wiser.


It’s understandable that he likes his house the way it is, along with the bed skirt and any other issues that might arise. I doubt he wants to go in and raise the bed skirt each time he vacuums. As I mentioned, it would be natural for wyze 2 allow you to do spot cleaning in the not-too-distant future at which point in time he could easily indicate that area.

If you try this, please let us know if it works. I’ve done this with my couch and I think it works

A nice feature might be to allow the user to edit the map and change some barriers to “soft” so that the vacuum will attempt to push through it to get under furniture.

I tried what was suggested: pin the bed skirts up out of the way, and have the robot re-map the house. Then, next time, I left the skirts down and started cleaning. Even though the skirts are very flimsy, the robot saw them as a hard wall, and wouldn’t go under the beds. At the end, it even asked me if I wanted to update the map with the new “walls” it found. It’s very frustrating! I want the robot to vacuum under the beds without me having to spend time pinning and tucking, and later unpinning and untucking the bed skirts, any time I want to vacuum.

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I’d love to have my WYZE vacuum go under my skirted couch and loveseat. I too have an older “dumb” robot vacuum (Bissel?) that used the bumpers to detect walls, and I presume an IR sensor to follow the walls. I’ve tried mapping with the skirts up on the furniture, but as soon as it’s lowered, my WYZE vacuum sees it as a wall.

How about making a backwards “No-Go Zone”, A “Go-Zone” that allows the user to set up zones on the map where the vacuum can ignore the LIDAR, or override it by telling it the “wall” the LIDAR sees isn’t actually a wall. A little green box on the map for a “go-zone” instead of a red one like the current “no-go zones”.