Wyze Robot Vacuum Recharge

Same exact problem. Touches the charging bars. Then pulls away sounds around and just keeps on doing it. I have to physically hold the docking station with one hand and press robot against it. For it to start charging. Then I have to go back a few times and keep pushing them together for the charge to continue. Terrible designs . I’m About one day away from returning it .

My vacuum also got to 8% went to charger, touches bars says starting to charge and then pulls away. It continued this until the vacuum died. :frowning: bummed.


Noticed if I have the app open the vacuum struggles to return. If I completely close the app(make sure its not running in the background) the vacuum doesn’t get stuck and can properly return to its base. Hope that helps some people.

If you pause cleaning on the app you can tell it to charge from there. Other wise wait once it hits 7% it will go charge itself

You shouldn’t have it docking and charging on carpet. Put the unit on a solid surface and you should have no issues

Sadly me too.

Well, I have no place to do that.

Mine is having the same issue docking with the charger

Are you on carpet or a hard floor?

Mine is on carpet.

This vacuum really bums me. Has yet to complete a clean of my basement. My xiomi has never failed down here.

I just moved the charging station to hardwood floor , and now it charges . BUT I dont want to have the charging station in my living room. :frowning:. Not happy with this .

I put a large piece of cardboard under mine with a thin throw over it and it works great. Going to buy a thicker mat this weekend

That’s not a bad idea . I have some extra hardwood floor planks I may be able to use to make a suitiable docking area. Or maybe a thin mat like you suggested.

Bingo! With the new update, room mapping/editing appears to be a thing again. Thank you Wyze!

So, after a couple more days of me sending it on cleanings it has since been working normally.

One time out of 10 jobs it gave up trying to dock and sent me that notification.
So, when I received that notification I went into the app and told it to charge.
When I came home later that day it was in the dock all charged up.

But, it can still take on average about 10 tries to touch and release and move around the area from dock before it finally decides to stop and stay docked.

Other users with carpet reported that the problem is the charging base tilts back when the vacbot tries to dock causing connection problem. They resolve the issue by adding some padding behind the base so that it’d be pressing against the wall and won’t tilt back.

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Dock on a solid surface not a padded carpet and it should work. I put a large piece of cardboard under a throw rug and it’s been perfect