Wyze Robot area clean not working

Recently area clean stopped working for me. I can pick a room and hit go but it reverts to cleaning the whole house. Doesn’t say starting area clean like it used to it just says starting cleaning. I reset the maps and set up rooms again but it did not fix the issue. Any ideas?

Welcome to the community @paaco1981 . I am a community member as you are and try to help when I can.

I have experienced this on occasion. It primarily happens to me when I tap on a room and hit clean almost immediately. Try tapping on the room and the wait for a couple of seconds. You should see one room selected. then tap on the clean button and see if that helps.

Just tried your suggestion, I picked one room, waited a full 10 seconds and hit go. It still reverted to cleaning the whole house.

I just tested mine and did not have an issues.

I am running Android App Version: 2.26.22 and RoboVac FW: 1.6.173

I also tested on my iOS device without issue, I am running Wyze App Version for iOS: 2.26.21

Curious what your versions are in comparison?

If you are using Android, you can also try long pressing the app, go to App Info and selecting Force Stop. Then go to storage and Cache and delete the Cache. Note, if you do this your Camera thumbnails will be gone. When you go in and sart streaming the thumbnails will appear again. Sometimes a corrupt cache or memory issues could cause weird issues like this. Something simple to test and see.


I beta Test Firmware and Apps, so we may be slightly off on the Vac Firmware. If you wantt to try the Beta FW then you will need to go here and follow the steps to sign up for the device you are using: Become a Beta Tester – Wyze

Once this is done and you uninstalled then reinstalled the app, you will need to start the app, go to Account Menu, then About. Once in About you will see an option for Beta Program, go into that and select Edit in the top right. Select which Devices you would like to test the firmware for and then click save. Back out to the Account Menu and select the Firmware update and see if there is an update available.

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I am currently having the same issue. Android v12, Wyze App 2.26.22, Robot Version 1.6.173. It works most of the time.