I was wondering if the Wyze REST API is now available. I have read that this has been an ask but there was nothing official but browsing around today, I found an article on “Creating an API Key” dated 6/7/2023 and also has REST documentation on how to Login ( https://auth-prod.api.wyze.com/api/user/login) and refresh the token. But I can’t find any “official” documentation.

What I am looking to do is to either poll and obtain the events for specific cameras or provide the ability to subscribe to notifications via my code/solution. If there is an API, is this functionality exposed?

There isn’t an official api, but there are many community projects that have reverse engineered the Wyze api. The api key page is to allow these community projects to continue working even though Wyze has changed its security options and redid their auth system. I believe that is the only support for an api Wyze has

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Thank you! I am curious if a public API is on the product roadmap.

I have seen some of the community projects. Would hate to start with what exists and then Wyze changes or offers something that is supported.


A public API is not on the Wyze roadmap. But you can vote for this wishlist topic to show your interest:

API for Download and Control