Wyze Car - How to get api access


I am a developer and am wondering if wyze car has any api available? I tried monitoring the http api calls from my phone when controlling the vehicle but did not see any calls going out. Is it because the protocol is not http? If so what protocol is used and how can I see the communication going on between the phone and the car?


Wyze does not have official public API for anything. There are people who have figured out how to reverse engineer it, but it is not official. Depending on how experienced you are, these might help get you started in a way to figure out the rest yourself:

(this second one had a discussion on there where someone else was asking the creator to add functionality for the car, and they discussed having a private conversation about what it would take, so you could reach out to him about it since he already looked into it a bit)

But from Wyze’s stance, the answer is NO, there is no way to get API access and they don’t currently have plans to do this, nor do they recommend using 3rd party solutions.


Thanks so I have seen those repos before but none of them talk about the wyze car. Any other clues? Like I said, maybe they are not using http to control the. Wyze Car? If anybody even has a clue on how to see what’s happening under the hood - please let me know.

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