Wyze Product Error Codes (Table)

Where do we find smart plugs?

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If you are experiencing an issue, can you elaborate on what you are experiencing including:

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I contacted Wyze support because my android Wyze app will not play events for Wyze Cam vs3 Pro or for my wired Wyze doorbell. Error (code 09) . Video Player Error.

They wanted me to factory reset my cameras. I told them that the same events play in my iPad Wyze Cam app … so it doesn’t seem to be a camera error that requires factory reset.

This is very helpful summary.
Is there any logic to the various number codes or are they fairly random? Often various error codes for products have a pattern to the numbers that groups them by issue/type…
Many of these numbers point to connectivity… with check network, power restart, reset device.


Is SpeedTest a relevant tool to use to clarify network is ok near the device (cam, light, etc.)?
ie. if the Ookla SpeedTest shows a good result, do we rule out a network issue? or is it more that needs checking regarding network connectivity?

Under Device Info for each of your devices in the Wyze app, it will show you the name of the wifi network it is connected to, and a little signal strength bar chart, but that is not very accurate or precise.

Instead, get one of those free wifi scanner apps for your phone, that shows all the wifi signals in range. They will display the wifi signal strength. I have tried a few, and NetAnalyzer (Android) works well for me.

Then run the wifi scanner app on your phone and hold it near your camera,

Look in the app in the 2.4 GHz wifi frequency band for your wifi name your camera/device is connected to, and look at the signal strength. The app should rescan every few seconds or so. Note the signal strength readings for 4 or 5 scans, discard any results that are way out of range from the other readings, and average the values (to eliminate any flukes in the readings)

The wifi signal strength is measured in dBm, and is a negative value. The closer to zero, the stronger the signal. Anything less that -70 dBm is considered an unreliable/weak signal. Less that -80 dBm and pretty much nothing will connect or stay connected, and will be useless. Greater (closer to zero) than -30 is fantastic.

This will not tell you the data rate, but it will give you a very good measure of the signal strength available to your device, which will tell you how well it will stay connected - the stronger the signal, the better it will stay connected and the faster data rate it will have.

If it is not strong enough for you, try moving the camera (or your phone) a few feet in some direction, maybe closer to your wifi router, or perhaps to one side or the other. The signal strength can vary depending on how may walls and what the walls are made of, so moving it closer to a doorway can sometimes help. Or even turning the camera angle can change the signal reception.

Your device shape, antenna position, orientation, etc, can affect the signal strength, and your phone will have different characteristics than your wyze devices, so your phone might have better reception than your device, so this won’t be an exact measure, but it should be very close.

Some of the fancier apps (usually paid) have options to build “heat” maps of the signal strength for you. You upload a basic “map” of your home, then stand in certain positions in your house, you tell the app where you are on the map, and then run the scan. You do this at various places around your home, and it will build a map of where the strongest and weakest points are in your house. You can reposition your router, or even its antennas or direction it faces to change the strength at various places.

I built my own map, by going to different places in my house, sometimes at different places in the same room, and wrote down all the readings, and came up with the signal strength within my house at those places, so I could tell if there might be a dead spot, or if I had to move the router or move my wyze devices around a bit.

What does error code 1009 mean?

Keeps on showing up when I load the app on cellular data?

“Video Player Error. Please try again later” - There is an error with the event video player.

this is what discovered and it solved my error 09 issues.
I submitted my logs to wyze, created a ticket and still had to find my own solution.
I submitted thru my open ticket the solution that I had found.
Subject: [Wyze Ticket 3104164] Re: Wyze Cam v3 Pro | Error 09
Jun 22, 2023, 3:37 PM PDT
I was experimenting today.
My primary Wyze use phone uses Android 9 and I cannot view my events on it for the V3 Pro. (Error 9)
My secondary Wyze phone uses Android 11 Go version and I cannot view my events on it for the V3 Pro. (Error 9)
I can download thru the Wyze app, on either phone, the selected event and view it on my PC.
So, I have a phone with no extra apps installed used strictly as my home phone number.
My primary home phone uses Android 10, I installed the latest Wyze app, logged into it.
I was then able to view my events on it for the V3 Pro in the Wyze app.
I again tried the Android 9 and the Android 11 Go phones and still cannot view the V3 Pro events in the Wyze app. (Error 9)

I think the issue is with the Android version and not with the Wyze V3 Pro or the Wyze App.
I have not tried this with an Apple device as I do not own any.

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