Wyze Product Colors

Apologies if this has ever been asked before but wondering if Wyze has considered different colors for the products? (E.g., black Cam and Pan)

Only ask because we have a black mantle where we have an older Cam and the white would stick out and be too obvious if we put the pan there.

Wyze released a limited edition black Wyze Cam on Black Friday last year:

There are additional manufacturing costs to Wyze and logistics involved in making/selling different colors, so they haven’t re-released the black version yet. Many users have found ways to change the color with spray paint, tape, vinyl/silicon skins, enclosures, or 3D-printed covers.


it is also possible to win special editions if you win the community spotlight through lots of participation. …I have heard of people getting the black camera and even a clear one.

I have not seen that one, that would be neat

now you have seen it :sunglasses:

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Nice! Looks like that he got that a bit before I started getting involved here

yes, but its still a possibility, you never know what Wyze might have stashed away.

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