Wyze plug disappointment

Horror story here using a Wyze plug to trigger a relay to my garage door opener.

Some background… my Wyze plug will not stay connected despite being 5’ away from a top notch router with 500 Mb/s connection. I’ve reconnected it 20 times over the past few months but finally gave up. I should have unplugged it… Here comes the fun part!…

I’m traveling out of the country for 2 weeks. We had a power outage at home and apparently the Wyze plug turns on when the power comes back on? Well, my garage door is now wide open but of course the Wyze plug is still offline!

I now have a friend driving 30 mins each way to go close my garage door. I asked them to unplug the Wyze plug and throw it in the creek.

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If they are the new 2021 plugs it is a known issue:

Thanks but maybe I missed the actual fix in those posts… ?

There isn’t one yet. There is a beta firmware released that was supposed to fix it but it seems to continue.

Just keep your app and firmware up to date, they are working on a fix.