Wyze plug and daylight savings transition

Continuing the discussion from Indoor Plug v2 - DST impact on Time of Day schedules:

I only have one Wyze product, two Wyze plugs. The only reason I got them is because my old plugs were just “dumb timers” and required me to be at home after a daylight savings change to change the state of the DSL button.

I had set up 5 schedules on both Wyze plugs and when I got home I realized that all 10 had to be adjusted to local time (each schedule had been pushed forward one hour),

The WYZE plugs are terrible all the way around. This is why I gave them a 1 star review on Amazon. We are coming up on 3-months of random offline issues with these plugs. The “dev team” is still working on that issue. Maybe once they figure that out there will be time to work on this issue which I believe has existed for years.

You may save up to 50% by buying WYZE gear versus a competitor. However, you are guaranteed to spend at least 100% more time trying to get things to work as advertised. If you’re not a tinkerer and demand rock solid stability as well as quick fixes when issues are found, WYZE products are not for you.