Wyze pan cam turning on and off

I purchased a wyze camera, it ended up having a lot of issues where it was turning on and off. Wyze was kind enough to offer a replacement got here today and I hooked it up I’m still having the same issues. It’s repeatedly turning on and then off again. Does anyone happen to know if a memory card issue could be causing this issue. The memory card that I am using had absolutely no problems in the regular wyze camera. Both my regular wireless camera and pancam are hooked up to the same internet. The memory card is a 32GB wyze micro SD card.

Hi, @Danielb. Welcome to the community! Does the camera turn off and on without the mSD card? I would give that a try. If it is the card causing the on and off issue, the Cam Pan should work properly without the card. If it continues to turn on and off, then it isn’t the card. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, I am trying that out now and I haven’t heard it turn off and on yet. So I suspect that is the issue. I wouldn’t have a problem if I could review footage without a card but sadly that’s the purpose of my purchasing it. I have ordered two new 32 GB cards from amazon. Hopefully when they get here Friday it fixes it.

Great! Sounds like Cam Pan is ok then. I use these Pro High Endurance cards and I highly recommend them. I haven’t had any issues out of these so far.

My pan turned on and off a lot with my SD card once… Then I took the day card out and it stopped. But then it rebooted again the other day so I’m not sure what the issue is. This thread has some ideas.

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Well, I’m at a loss. I got a brand new 32 g micros sd card today. Put it in my wyze cam and a few minutes later it was back to turning on and off. I guess I just cant review footage from this and have to use it as a camera to check in on things at the house. Have to go with my original plan of making a always rotating base for my regular camera. I’m very bummed this is such a huge problem and will prevent me from purchasing any other loan cams in the future.

I have the same issue. I have a new Cam PAN and it has the latest firmware ( If I put a SD card in it, it constantly freezes and restarts. It works fine without the SD card. I tested with 3 different SD cards, 2 of them are 32GB and 1 is 16GB. All three cards are working well in a Cam V2.

Could this be a firmware problem or I should request a replacement of the PAN camera.

firmware doesn’t have the SD card causing non-stop restart problem. Motion tracking is still not working thought.