Wyze Outdoor Plug Connection

I have 4 outdoor plugs and all of them have had some issue staying connected to my WiFi. I decided to by an extender to make sure the signal strength was better and checked the strength using the RouteThis Helps app. Needless to say I have two plugs in particular that are about 4 feet from each other have completely different experiences. One is connected all the time and the other is offline most of the time. It is frustrating because the V3 cameras I have haven’t had any problems since moving them to the extender.

When I bought these plugs to use with my Christmas lights I was thinking big picture if consolidating to the Wyze ecosystem but now I am having serious doubts.

These plugs I’m having the most trouble with sit on each side of the front entry door. The wall is covered in stone and the extender sits on the other side about 6ft away. Has anyone else been disappointed with the outdoor plugs compared to other brands?

I also have a Kasa outdoor plug and 2 iClever outdoor plugs that have worked in those same locations without the need for an extender.

just a note to let you know I appreciate your input… this kind of performance is what I got out of the Amazon ratings, too… I really wanted to get this Wyze ecosystem as well - I have a lot of uses for it, but now I think I’ll keep looking. The indoor plugs work mostly, so that’s good.