WYZE outdoor camera´s Office base and Blue Iris

Is it possible to connect the WYZE outdoor camera´s Office base to Blue Iris as the version cameras with open JPC Firmware RTSP

Not sure I understand your question. The base provides network access to the camera but does not stream anything. The outdoor camera doesn’t support RTSP.

Hi WildBill
Just to clarify what I am asking/looking for. I understand now why the WYZE outdoor camera will not support RTSP as this would exhaust the battery quickly.
I have 3 brands of cameras all connected to Blue Iris, one brand is WYZE 2 of which I have 3 cameras all working perfectly. I was wondering wether it is possible to connect/make a bridge between the Office Base and Blue Iris to be able to see the cameras rather than having two programs running side by side. Blue Iris indoors, Wyze outdoors.
Probably a naive question but a problematic answer.
Thanks for your time.

Not sure how you would create a bridge using the base since it is just a network device. It uses two radios, one for wifi and one to connect to the cameras. Also, to the best of my knowlege, there isn’t anyway to install any software on the base. Others have used things like TinyCam and BlueStacks to get video from the cameras to a PC but you still have the problem of the batteries in the outdoor cameras.