Wyze Outdoor Camera Hub - I don't have a router

I live in rural America where traditional internet doesn’t exists. A work-around for our household has been to use a wifi hotspot, similar to the ones verizon markets as Mifi’s and Jetpacks. We just keep it plugged in and it runs all the time. It works great. I have wyze cameras and blink cameras for my outdoor setup. I’ve liked the blink system but it doesn’t work as well at our new house so I’d like to try the outdoor system from Wyze.

My problem is that the hub needs to be wired into a router, a router that I don’t have because I use that jetpack device. What are my options? Can I reconfigure an old router to repeat my hotspot signal? I have a Netgear N150 WNR1000v3 sitting in a drawer from a past application.

Thank you.

Yes, that should work. If you search this forum there are multiple threads about using WiFi extenders to connect the WCO bridge wirelessly. You wouldn’t want to repeat the hotspot WiFi signal but rather use its signal to bridge an Ethernet port on your old router to the hotspot in client/bridge mode.

You can set up the Netgear as an Access Point. This will solve the problem.
It won’t hurt to also broadcast Wifi from this router. It may extend your wifi area.

Looking at my options here for my router, which option would I choose to do this correctly?

Neither? Not sure whether your router supports bridge mode.


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It’s bridging you want, not Access Point. My mistake.
Follow the links @Customer posted.
Feel free to ask questions. I’ll try to be more awake. :slightly_smiling_face:

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