Wyze Outdoor Cam Failure

My outdoor camera has failed. Will not turn on. Will not charge. How do I get it replaced?

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If you need help with your return or have a question about a product, you can call Customer service or use email on the support pages. Link

Speak with a Live Support Wizard: 206-339-9646


Monday - Friday 4 AM – 8 PM PT


Saturday 8 AM – 4 PM PT

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Call support 1-844-999-3226 or 1-206-339-9646 - 4AM-8 PM Monday-Friday Pacific time. or Saturday 8 AM-4 PM. I have had good luck about 9:00 AM Pacific time. Have all your information ready, like when you purchased the cam and where did you purchase it from. I am sure they will have more questions.

I also had a Outdoor Cam that stopped charging (only 2 weeks old)â€ĶI thru it in the garbage. I only will buy from Amazon as they take returns without me calling Helpless support.

A free phone call has always worked for me, Less than 10 min. of my time. :grinning: