Wyze Outdoor Battery Life

Hello, I purchased base kit with one extra camera. Charged both, same exact settings, same date of installation. After 10 days, one is at 97% the other at 91%. What can explain this? To me this is a big difference considering both have latest firmware and same settings. All notifications are disabled. Also no cards installed.

how much have you been viewing each? how much traffic have they seen? are they in the same environment? just a few possible variables

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I viewed both about the same amount. One in front of the house, one on the side. My only thought is that one may be further away from the base and is transmitting at higher power? On the other hand, when I select the base from the app, they both have the same signal strength.

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this is one of the reasons I wish the devs would institute a percentage value instead of the bars for signal strength.

that very well could be the distance, or that there is more interference through a wall or electronics for some reason.

if you really want to test it out and remove most variables I would run them side by side for a couple days and see how they do. I would say within 2-4% each other wouldn’t be terribly un reasonable.

FWIW, my cell phone also has significantly reduced WIFI signal at that same location. I still love the outdoor. I will probably get two more.

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I would say you are vastly ahead of the curve, most wouldn’t think to look at that as a test. well played!
more than likely it’s interference cause by insulation material, building material or electrical in the wall. ( i had this issue in my house in some places as well. ended up having to upgrade my network to get it working well)

I’m glad you like the outdoor. if you have a power source where that is look into the new V3 soon to be fully released. from my understanding it has improved wifi reception. ( and way better night vision!)

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I agree! Having bars could mean that a camera with 90% signal has the same as one with 100% signal.