Wyze now offers 32GB MicroSDHC on their site :-)


Is there a separate shipping charges if order together with a camera?

flacousa62 asked:
> Is there a separate shipping charges if order together with a camera?

I just tried it. Put two cameras into my cart and the shipping was $9.98. Then I added two uSD cards and the shipping went up to $11.96. So, your answer is 99 cents per card.

BTW, I went ahead and ordered the cameras, 'cause you can’t have too many :slight_smile:

Is it just me or does anyone else think it’s wrong to charge shipping $ for every individual unit no matter how many ordered?

I agree with your thinking. If the real price of the camera is $24 (or whatever), then why not make that the price and have the shipping reflect the real shipping cost.

The answer is human psychology, and the tendency to place much more significance on the first digit than it deserves. If you are interested, Dan Ariely has done quite a bit of research and writing about Behavioral Economics. There are some interesting TED talks of his that are on youtube that are short and entertaining.

The difference between $19.99 and $20.00 seems larger than the difference between $19.98 and $19.99, when in fact the difference as a percentage is more in the second case, but for practical purposes, it is the same percentage difference.

But the shipping cost shouldn’t be nearly linear with the # of units. And charging extra shipping for the micro sd card seems especially odd.

When shipping isn’t part of the profit margin, it encourages people to buy more, because the per unit shipping price drops. In many cases shipping become free on a large order, at least for items with low volume and weight compared to their price.

Unfortunately, I don’t expect it to change now, because they don’t want to raise the “price”. Humans are much less rational than they think when buying things. Advertising really does affect consumer behavior.

As I have said before, I don’t consider the price of the Wyze camera to be 19.99. And I also consider the price of a $0.01 used CD on Amazon to be $4 if there is a $3.99 shipping fee attached.


But the shipping charge per item is reduced, the more items you buy in one order.

Does this MicroSDHC come with the adapter?

hello, the wyze microsd is sold without a sd card adapter.

No, nor does it need one. For use in a PC, an adapter would generally be needed however if you are like most of us, you have a large collection of them :slight_smile:


What many seem to forget is “shipping” isn’t necessarily shipping only, it’s shipping and handling. You can ship 10 cards for the same cost as 1, but the handling is increased when you purchase more than one.

It may not seem like a big deal, but figure out the difference over hundreds of thousands, and it adds up.

Still a GREAT price, even at $11. I ordered 2 along with 2 cameras. I am super excited to try these guys out.

Emailjd I agree, The offering of a slight increase in shipping negates the total amount of items shipped. Packing material along with delivery preparations and or pick up need to be thought about.

Not really sure why Wyze is selling 32GB cards when you can get a better price and card on Amazon. Not sure who the actual manufacture of the card is, but it’s just branded with Wyze’s name anyway.

Hi Everyone!

Is anyone else having issues with the Wyze MicroSD cards? I ordered 4 when I ordered two PanoCam’s and not a one of them work in the Wyze cameras - they don’t acknowledge they exist. I’ve formatted them (on a Mac - just as I have my SanDisk ones that work) as FAT32 and named them identically as my existing ones that work but none of my Wyze cameras ‘see’ the card when I insert them into the cameras…

Try formatting EXFAT.

The first question is have you ever used a uSD card in a Wyze camera? The reason I ask is that it is almost impossible to get the card far enough into the camera in order to work without using a tool of some sort to push it in.

Have you tried to format the cards in the camera?

I have two of the Wyze cards and they work as well as any of the other seven cards that I am using.


I agree with K6CCC, you probably don’t have the card inserted far enough into the camera. They don’t have a click when they are seated correctly, so you wouldn’t know.

I had no problems inserting my SD cards with my fingernail as a tool ?

In general, This card is too low cost, too slow

Read Speed: 31MB/s
Write Speed: 12MB/s